Home Watch

Based on home square footage and number of bathrooms

Exterior of home:

  • Remove junk mail/flyers from mailbox and front door.
  • Inspect the yard and planting beds for trash and weeds.
  • Monitor landscaping.
  • Perform visual inspection of siding, roof, and gutters for issues.
  • Check for drainage issues.
  • Check doors and windows for signs of break-in.
  • Inspect for vandalism.
  • Inspect for obvious insect infestation or pest presence.
  • Check exterior lighting.
  • Check pool/spa for obvious issues.


Interior of home:

  • Ensure security system is functioning.
  • Check fire/smoke/CO2 alarms.
  • Check temperature/humidity settings on thermostats.
  • Check for vandalism.
  • Inspect for obvious pest presence or insect infestation.
  • Check for water leaks.
  • Run water in sinks, baths, showers – check under sinks.
  • Check the GFI’s.
  • Flush stagnant water in toilets
  • Run garbage disposal.
  • Check Kitchen appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer)
  • Check Washer/Dryer/Utility room
  • Check windows and doors
  • Check lights and fans
  • Check breaker box
  • Check water heater/water system
  • Inspect air filter(s)
  • HVAC check

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Checks

Customized To Your Needs

Additional Services


What a service! Do you need something done before you arrive?  Need groceries prior to your arrival? Or maybe the car should be checked before arrival? Traveling is stressful enough. Why run around chasing when you have just arrived? Put a list together and we will be happy to assist. Please allow 48-hour advance courtesy to schedule.

Key in service

This service is for those that desire a trusted, independent party to be available to check on the property in case of unforeseen circumstances. As a client we have possession of your key but will not make regular home reporting visits. If you need a contractor, maintenance, or cleaning service to gain access. Have peace of mind knowing we are on duty to respond at the time you need us. Please allow 48-hour advance courtesy to schedule.

Handyman service

We all need a good handyman now and then to repair or fix something in a pinch. Even if it’s a temporary repair until a professional service can be scheduled. We are licensed and bonded. We have the tools and expertise to do many light repairs. If we cannot repair or troubleshoot a problem, we can call your preferred service provider or suggest one.

Car Drive Service

Cars need to be checked in a garage or outside. Don’t come back to find your battery is dead, the car sat too long without running and the tires are flat. We will start and drive the vehicle for 10 minutes upon signing the car drive authorization.

Departure/Arrival Prep Services

When your winter season visit ends and it’s time to return to your summer home, we can all use that extra help with packing and storing. We will bring in the lanai furniture, check your smoke detector, clean out the refrigerator, close the blinds, place the trash and recycling out, etc. You provide the checklist, and we will gladly help!  We can also help open your property up before you return so it’s ready to use without the arrival hassles!

Pre-Storm Preparation/ Post-Storm Cleanup

Tropical storms and hurricanes are a way of life in SWFL from June through November. Even thunderstorms, downed power lines, or wildfires can unexpectedly wreak havoc on anyone’s property. We can also inspect your home after a weather event to give you peace of mind that everything is ok (Power, Internet, etc.). Every property should have (2) fire extinguishers readily available. Don’t let yourself be surprised or vulnerable to damage when leaving your home. “Our services may be the difference between damage and disaster.”

Power washing

We can assist in the cleanup of your exterior walls and get your home sparkling. We also handle those weathered driveway pavers and if you need a sealer, we can offer that service too! Just ask, we’re happy to help!

Emergency visits and call out response.

Regular business hours are Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm (eastern time zone).  If needed we will do our best to assist during after-hours and on weekends for any emergencies that may arise.

Reporting Our Checks

QRIDit® Home Watch allows us to manage our business from one place. From scheduling visits to sending reports to invoicing clients, it all happens inside QRIDit® Home Watch.

QRIDit’s primary function is to keep clients informed for each visit no matter why you are there before they ask!

Clients get peace of mind knowing I was actually at their property with our built in GPS Geo-Fence technology.

Clients will have peace of mind by proving you were at their property with GPS Geo fencing. Clients can access their personalized reports from anywhere in the world, anytime without having to search through their emails!